Your adventure, locally sourced and crafted.

Dated back from 1989, we have been tailoring and operating adventures and trips into deep Sumatran jungles, rivers and outer islands.

Featured Tailored Trips


Surf The Point, the famous world-class & the most consistent barrelling right-hand surf break of Nias.

Explore the island and surf different waves in the vicinity. Go visit the traditional villages, find the living tribal warriors and witness the famous stone-jumping ritual.

Eat, sleep, surf and surf some more. Learn more about Surfing Nias Island.


Explore deep Sumatran rainforest at Gunung Leuser National Park with our experienced and licensed Jungle Rangers.

Meet Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo abelii), Thomas Leaf Monkey (Presbytis thomasi) and other endangered animals & plants in their very own habitat.

A chance to go for the adventure that will last a lifetime. Learn more about Orangutan Jungle Trekking.


Hop on one of our dirtbikes of your choice, rev the engine and go explore Sumatra with our experienced riding guides.

Pump your adrenaline and behold breathtaking sceneries of the remote highlands, dense tropical rainforest or the magnificent volcanic lake.

Our tracks are adjustable for novices to experienced riders with full logistic back-ups. Learn more about Sumatra Enduro Dirtbiking.


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