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Exotic Sumatra
Orang Utan Sanctuary is located at Bukit Lawang in Bahorok, right at the border of the huge Gunung Leuser N


The most consistent righthand reef break Indonesia has to offer.  Popular from beginners to the experi


The best location to stay to surf Dylan's right (closest to the key hole). Offer the warmth of Indonesi


Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide. Formed in 75,000 years


Video of Activities in Batak Land
:: Surfing Village Sorake Beach in Lagundri, Nias

Soreake break in Lagundri Bay of Nias island is one of the most mechanically breaking waves on the planet. Maybe the nature created this wave specially for surfing ! Deep water and a consistent take off area, surfable on all tides, with the wave finishing in the deep water of the bay. To top that off you paddle out from a keyhole in the reef, at the back of the break and don’t even get your hair wet.


Outside Classic Nias (Perfect Wave)
Breaking best and regular at between 5 to 8 feet the outside wave is what we all come to surf. Larger & thicker swells generated in the Indian Ocean through late May to late October start to move closer to the equator, this gives consistent waves on the outside point in Nias. The barrel gets hollower after the earthquake that created the lethal tsunamis in 2004 and 2005


Inside Kiddies Corner (Exercise Machine)
When the swells drop during the months from November to March, the waves are usually at their smallest and least power condition, but don’t be disappointed as the surf still consistently rolls in, inside wave just mechanically peels closer into the reef. Breaking for around 100mtrs with a variety of sections that make you physically sweat to pump your way through to the end bowl which delivers a surprisingly good barrel over the shallow bottom at the end of the main reef. A great wave for learning, for styling on Malibu and for maintaining top surf fitness.

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Surfing Village Sorake Beach in Lagundri, Nias


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