We are proud to include Puri Asu Resort in our range !

Puri Asu Resort offers a paradisiac sanctuary, free from the stress and hassle of every day life, typical surfing experiences and tourist vacations. It is a real slice of paradise.

Located one degree above the equator among the coconut trees and crystal clear water, Puri Asu Resort is the real “Surfer's Paradise” surrounded by excellent surfs in every direction!

Enjoy the comfort and privacy of a world class resort with access to some of the best waves in the world. Puri Asu Resort will give you an unforgettable holiday experience with variety of activities and quality facilities.

The recently opened bungalow offers essential and modern conveniences. With pristine white sand beach out front and clear calm water, we have world class scuba diving and snorkeling right in front of your room, and great waves just 3 minutes away. No walking over corals or long paddles to the breaks, we will drop you off and pick you up in the line-up anytime you wish!

From our private pier, we are always on stand-by to take you to surf, check the waves, or shoot photos or tow-in during the big waves !

Besides incredible waves, guests can enjoy scuba diving, paddle boarding, sport fishing, snorkeling, spear fishing and more, right from the resort doorstep. You can expect that we have your priorities covered.

We pride ourselves on guest safety, comfort and time spent surfing, not time spent walking and paddling.

Our facilities are suitable for women and children.




The Hinako’s Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. Its broad exposure openly towards southern Indian Ocean, gives these islands with consistency and quality of swells. No other place on the planet with high quality surf with no crowd ! 

There are 5 worldclass waves strewn throughout the islands, in max range of 15-30 minutes and 2 more 40-50 minutes on our speedboat.  And our team is prepared to get you the most out what the Hinakos has to offer, while still giving you the convenience and comfort of coming home to your own private, clean bed every night.



During your stay at Puri Asu Resort, you will most likely witness 1-3 predominant swells come and go, depending on your trip duration. As the swell rises, Asu grows from medium size (fun for everybody), and gradually becomes more intense suiting those surfers with a little more experience.

The peak of the swell may last 1-3 days, and then gradually begin to subside, making Asu more friendly for everybody.

This cycle continually repeats its self throughout the main surfing season (April 01 – October 30), which makes Puri Asu Resort an ideal travel destination for any surfer. Asu breaking just 700m away from the resort pier. (Tranfer to the wave it’s always made by boat!)

Bawa Wave.jpg


ASU, a perfect, consistent left hand wave that works on all tides, big and small swells, and south wind conditions. It's a unique wave,  from 2-8 feet, a perfect very fun wave peeling over coral reef. For the surfer, Asu provides the opportunity to improve your surfing. At 4-5 feet, Asu becomes more challenging and starts to barrel from the take off, offering more power and lip for doing maneuvers and getting barreled. When get’s 6-12 feet, it becomes a tube on the take off, and two more barrel sections in some waves, intense walls. Over 8 feet, is needed a little more experience.

BAWA, a great option in north winds days with a south swell. Ideal for those who want empit solid waves on their own.

HAMUTALA, a right harder neighboring Bawa Island, friendly up to 8 feet, with 2 perfect sections with barrels and rip able walls

BOMMIE, a deep water slab, located between Asu and Hinako Island, provides short and challenging tuberides with a rippable end section.

SIROMBU, a rippable and short right hander, located near Sirombu harbour, its is best for beginners surfers. (occasional barrel section).

SALONAKO, a 30-40 minutes from Asu. This “SUPER PERFECT” right hander can provide challenging barrels rides. Works on the larger ground swell

AFULU, a 40-50 minutes from Asu, this peeling left hander on Nias mainland offers incredible tube riders with rippable walls.

OTHER service

USD. 100.00 for 2 tanks, 1 exit by boat and 2 dives in different spots

USD. 300.00 per student for min 3 students, or USD. 200.00 per person for Extreme class

YOGA CLASS                                                    Our Teacher’s leads a progressive,  strong a detoxifying class, with the intent of sharing his knowledge in a free, relaxed and ultimately therapeutic manner. Day by day you will find balance , strength, focus and power to  connected your body, mind and nature. Daily Practice Hatha, Yoga Ashtanga every Morning from 7am to 9am .

MASSAGE USD. 10.00 / hour

LAND & SEA TRANSFERS USD. 150.00 Round trip - per person. From Binaka Airport Nias (GNS) to Sirombu Harbor then Asu Island & back to Airport at the end of the trip

PROFESSIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER               Our professional freelance surf photographer packages range from $100-$300 for all sessions during your trip. Land, boat and water photos. Professional quality.

PLANE TICKETS & OTHER ACCOMMODATION    We arrange the international and domestic airline tickets and Medan stopover hotels with transfer in & out. All credit card transactions are subject to a 4,0 % processing charge (only Visa and Mastercard)


USD. 1,600.00 / STANDARD accommodation package
    2 single beds per room with shared toilets
    Accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
    (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD. 130.00 - per night
    Less than 10 nights USD. 175.00 usd – per night
    Non surfing / child (7-15 years old) companion at USD. 120.00 – per night

USD. 1,900.00 / SUPERIOR accommodation package
    3 Kingsize beds in one bungalow.
    Accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
    (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD. 160.00 - per night
    Less than 10 nights, USD. 205.00 – per night.
    Non surfing / child (7-15 years old) companion USD. 150.00 – per night

USD. 2,300.00 / DELUXE accommodation package
    1 king size bed in one bungalow.
    Accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
    (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD. 200.00 - per night
    Less than 10 nights, USD. 250.00 – per night
    Non surfing / child (7-15 years old) companion USD. 180.00 – per night


  • Specialty snacks – Hard Alcohol / Mixed Drinks / Wine / Beer – Souvenirs.
  • Tips for the staff (Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated! And is distributed among the local staff only)