We are proud to include telo surf villa in our range!

The Telo Surf Villa Experience - one of the things we do differently at Telo Surf Villa is that we tailor your entire experience around “you”.

We recognize that everybody is different, and that surfers of different abilities, riding different equipment, all want to surf different styles of waves. We know that some people love to sleep in, some people are up for the dawn patrol, so every day with us is designed to work around your schedule, and focus on finding uncrowded waves.

One of the other things unique about us is that we’re the only resort in the Telo Islands with a perfectly mechanical barreling wave out the front.

Because we cater to smaller groups, we can be more flexible with how, where and when we surf each day.  The result is a more personal, exclusive experience, both in and out of the water. And because our packages are always competitively priced, this makes us incredible value.

Boraspati is an official partner of Telo Surf Villa. Contact us for schedules and best deals!